Photography: SKYBOX

Video and photographer are two things that I am currently exploring further. I had to put together a press release to promote the company’s new logistics service, SKYBOX, and decided it needed some supplementary material.

In less than two hours, I secured video footage, recruited strangers on their commute to star in my mini-film and photoshoot. These are the results:

SKYBOX is a service offered by aCommerce to enable busy city hustlers the luxury of delivering/picking up packages while on the commute.

Watch the Youtube video here.

Role: photographer, videographer, graphic editor, project manager

Graphics: Campaign #HaveItAll

Moxy (now known as Orami) is the first female focused ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia. As their communications service provider, the team was responsible for promoting their fundraising efforts, official press releases, media interviews, securing keynote positions at industry conferences and exposure for media events.

This is an example of a media invite I created for their #HaveItAll campaign.


Unfortunately, the company decided not to move forward with the campaign as they merged with Indonesian ecommerce player Bilna and rebranded to Orami.

[DIY] – 5 Minute Christmas Ornament

I promised another ornament DIY and here it is. This one’s a little out there but perfect for a buddy who’s cool enough to handle it.

ornament diy, funny ornament

Now I must run over to my friends place and hang it on her tree. No holiday home is complete without your face dangling from a branch. I’ll be watching you from the Christmas tree so everyone be a good kid.

This is for all those who welcomed the holidays like a wrecking ball 😉 #shamelessMileyreference

Happy holidays everyone! ❤


[DIY] Ferrero Rocher Snowman

slice of cyn, ferrero rocher, holidays, diy

We’re in the month of December and we all know what that means…my birthday! Oh yes, and the holidays if you couldn’t tell from all the lights going up around the city making everything look magical. I wanted to share a little project I worked on last year with Ferrero Rocher who sent me 100 golden balls of chocolatey love. Can you guess what my holiday display was?

What big eyes you have! 

slice of cyn, ferrero rocher, diy, holiday

What yummy looking bod you possess! 

Ok, enough with the corny jokes, meet SnowGal.

slice of cyn, urbanebloc, snowman, ferrero rocher, diy

Yup, she’s decked out in a scallop scarf, hot item leather hat and don’t forget the lash extensions. Eat your heart out Frosty! You can find the entire DIY here if you want to see a step by step.

I falalalalove decorating for the holidays,


Thank you Urbanebloc for giving me the opportunity to build a snowman. Frozen reference, did ya catch it? 😉
PS – sorrynotsorry for the obscene amount of lame jokes in this post.