Corporate Identity: aCommerce Headquarters in Bangkok

aCommerce, Southeast Asia’s leading ecommerce solutions provider, wanted their start up office to embody the spirit of the company. Fresh, dynamic, energetic and bold so we flew in Stereoflow, an Indonesian graffiti artist, to splash some life onto our white walls. A great pleasure!

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Website Design: Report Landing Page

Goal was to design a landing page that would allow visitors to sign up and download an ecommerce report. Simple, clean look ecommerceIQ brand colours & copy communicating what visitors would gain from the report. Call to action a must.

ecommerceIQ, cynluo

ecommerceIQ, cynluo

Role: Designer, project manager (unfortunately, the report was never published so the landing page was put on hold infinitely).

Photography: SKYBOX

Video and photographer are two things that I am currently exploring further. I had to put together a press release to promote the company’s new logistics service, SKYBOX, and decided it needed some supplementary material.

In less than two hours, I secured video footage, recruited strangers on their commute to star in my mini-film and photoshoot. These are the results:

SKYBOX is a service offered by aCommerce to enable busy city hustlers the luxury of delivering/picking up packages while on the commute.

Watch the Youtube video here.

Role: photographer, videographer, graphic editor, project manager