Success: What the f*ck is it?

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To be successful, you need to get a white collar job, make six figures, be positive, find a lasting life partner who will love you indefinitely and have obedient genetically gifted youngsters. Am I the only person thinking “WTF, how is anyone able to achieve all of this?” Not only have we been brainwashed with these things growing up as a child straight into young adulthood; is this really what even makes an individual successful? Is this the grand prize that everyone strives to win in order to feel accomplishment or is it just fluff made to feed the materialistic hunger society has embedded in ourselves? Continue reading “Success: What the f*ck is it?”

10 Things School Can’t Teach You But Your Momma Can


“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”.

What a smart man Mark Twain was. It’s true that no matter how many straight A’s your grade report may boast, it’s no indicator that you have the life skills needed to deal with the real world i.e. how to reject a boy (or girl), where to find the best travel deals, or notting your shoelaces. Luckily, someone is there every step of the way to tell you exactly how horribly you’re doing it. Your mum is someone who will love you unconditionally but won’t hesitate to kick your ass when you screw up. Love her, thank her, and don’t ever mess with her kitchen set up. These are the 10 things my $300 textbook never taught me but my momma did: Continue reading “10 Things School Can’t Teach You But Your Momma Can”

My Very Own Squawking Chicken: Chinese Mums

If any of you have ever read Elaine Lui’s “Listen to the Squawking Chicken“, you will understand my title. I’ve created a category completely dedicated to my mum because I attribute my character entirely to her. Being raised by a first generation immigrant Chinese power woman is a entirely different world understood by those who have experienced it first hand. I guess you can say this is partly due to my filial piety but I hope you can feel a bit more appreciative to your caregiver and gain a laugh from my posts. My mama’s a total hoot behind that tough exterior. 我愛你!

squawking chicken, mother, loveDoesn’t she look the bad-ass mom part too? ❤