MCTTY | 01.08.18 | Morning flight

Caught a morning flight to Jakarta today and had to pay a ridiculous amount for a taxi thanks to the concept of surge prices. But here’s what I learned over breakfast (eating all the contents that could spoil in my fridge):

  • Impeachment doesn’t necessarily mean a president is removed from office. Three Presidents have faced down the impeachment gun but there has never been a President successfully convicted. Out of 60+ people ever to be impeached and convicted (15 individuals) were all Federal Judges – tax evaders, perjured themselves, laying the groundwork for the large impeachment trials. Senators and representatives are immune to impeachment because they aren’t civil officers, but two-thirds of the Senate can vote you out. Two-thirds of the House can vote our representatives.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast – Impeachment 

  • The concept of internships stemmed from the medical community because medical professionals didn’t feel comfortable sending out fresh grads straight into the field. This doesn’t mean today’s internships add the same value. Also, if you’re using your outside channel connections to connect your child to an internship, you are gaming the system and ensure that inequality perpetuates on and on. You are privileged if you can take an unpaid internship and rely on your parents to support you, not everyone is in this situation.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast – How Internships Work; The Dream Hoarders

  • It seems everyday is another day of traditional retailers waking up and realising that they need to innovate in order to not be left in the dust (or in the wake of Amazon). This quote from an article detailing Home Depot’s omni-channel strategy jumped out at me: “The front door of our store is no longer the front door of our stores,” CEO Home Depot Craig Menear said. “It’s in the customer’s pocket, it’s on the job site, it’s in their homes.”


2018 & beyond.

– cyn 


With every new year comes a fresh page to rewrite yourself into a better person with a better attitude and a better body. But I’m not a big believer of instant radical change, results tend to emerge from completion of small and repetitive tasks, so here are mine for 2018:

  1. Absorb more information; read five articles & listen to at least one podcast a day. Not only consume this information but share it. Follow the hashtag #MCTTY (my coffee table to yours).
  2. Exercise at least four times a week. Run, lift weights, stretch, walk on the treadmill, swim, do yoga. No matter what it is, there’s no excuse not to be active at least 50% of the week to stay sane (mentally and physically).
  3. Practice the piano (again). 
  4. Attach less emphasis to physical goods. This means shopping cutbacks and clearing out the junk in my apartment. I never thought even the idea of de-cluttering could give me so much joy.
  5. Bye social media, hello writing. I, Cynthia Luo, solemnly swear to use social media only to share experiences, content and connect with friends and not to waste time scrolling mindlessly in my bed.
  6. Love freely. Forgive more. Say what I mean. Understand first. Give love wholeheartedly.
  7. #CAOSE. This is for me to know and for you to find out in the next few months 😉

See you in December.


Methods of love.


I took an online quiz.
What compelled me to do so?

A couple of days ago marked “two”.

Two years with someone who drives me crazy with emotion, who opens my eyes, who loves wholeheartedly and continues to tame the “practical” (and sometimes unreasonable) type of partner I am.

I wanted to understand why I struggle to completely free my mind of doubts, anger and impatience even though he is nothing but loving. The results don’t change much – I guess I’m still creating hoops for us to jump through to test compatibility – but they remind me of how lucky I am and that “two” is a milestone I should appreciate.

Thank you L 👨🏻‍🚀