Never one to shy away from challenges, I uprooted myself from the Great White North to the unfamiliar heat waves of Bangkok to build my technology, communications, ecommerce and management skills.

A solid background in biomedical science and strategic communications has led me to Southeast Asia’s booming ecosystem. With a ‘little bit’ of elbow grease and a ‘pinch’ of passion, I was fortunate enough to add designer, editor, content specialist, photographer, project/product/community manager to my growing drawer of hats.

Currently, I am the product manager of Southeast Asia’s first portal dedicated to all things ecommerce, ecommerceIQ. The brand’s mission is to provide businesses and market watchers with actionable and honest data driven insights so they can take a smart first step online.

I also help startups speak up in an ecosystem that easily drowns them out working with publications such as TechCrunch, Vanity Fair, CNN, Tech in Asia, e27, etc.

Even though we’re in a digital world, I never forget to keep my ‘eyes up’.

“Create more than you consume.”


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