A Letter to My Thirty Something Self

Dear thirty year old self,

I have no idea where you may be in life at this moment – both geologically and career wise – but I know you have found success by your own definition.

There may or may not be a man in your life but I know you aren’t bothered because you have your family, friends and weird self to keep you company.

Remember to treasure the people that genuinely care about you by asking how they are, calling them often and showing them you appreciate them. Never feel bad for saying ‘no’ more often – your time is yours to spend.

If you do have a partner, don’t take him for granted and do not forget to tell him that you love him even if it makes you uncomfortable (they need the reassurance from time to time and so do you, even if you are stubbornly going to deny it).

If there isn’t something special baking in the oven, you’re not obliged to satisfy your biological clock. Go at your own pace, things only get better with a little more time, *insert pop of wine bottle cork*.

With age comes experience and that is the source of wisdom, so embrace the growth and don’t forget to apply sunscreen!

There will be times when you feel completely lost, hate the world and want to escape under your covers and never come out but know that it can only get better if you try. You aren’t meant to have all the answers in life. No matter what you have encountered, I hope you continue to keep your head high and finally build something that gives back to the community in a big way.

Please always remember:

“It is what you can summon up from within that will distinguish you” – Vera Wang

Love always,


PS – I hope you’ve learned how to properly cook a dish at this point in life. xo


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