Lessons from you.


It’s normal to be scared. You are going through a phase of your life where you start making decisions with an impact on yourself and the people around you autonomously.

This little monster is called adulthood and even though I am never going to admit it even when I will be 50, both of us are adults.

At the beginning it’s scary but later will become more and more normal and the choices we will make will be even bigger and more impactful.

Also with time passing, you are going to build your certainties and the foundation for future decisions. You are going to be more aware about what you want, you are going to have more clarity on your objectives and on the people surrounding you in your life.

It’s ok to be sad, but don’t let sadness take away from you the moments you spend with the people you love, live those to the fullest and enjoy them as much as it’s possible.



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