The “Nice Guy” Excuse

This dating game is far too complicated for me and i’m getting annoyed with it. As a heterosexual male, who’s been told by more than one person that i’m too nice, and it turns women off, how do I become a mean asshole who somehow becomes desirable for women?

The answer on Quora:  

Please tell these immature peers of yours that they can take their opinions and stick it somewhere where the sun don’t shine.

When you’re young, girls typically want the ‘tough’ guys. Why? Because all the movies and drama series tell them that these assholes, after all the turmoil, bullying and endless manipulative games, are actually incredibly soft and sweet on the inside.

I can tell you that in my pool of lovely twenty-something girlfriends, they’re no longer looking for the ‘cool guy’ anymore. You know what they want now? Someone who is:

  • Dependable
  • Funny
  • Financially secure
  • Family oriented (good to their parents)
  • Someone nice – they actually become more rare as you age

The one thing I would advise is to be a bit more guarded at the beginning of any relationship.

‘Nice guys and gals’ tend to lay their undying love on too strong and pamper their new partner’s every request. This leads to getting taken advantage of so give your all when you can trust they won’t step on you.

Have a life of your own, do not revolve your world around hers.

If you want a strong, mature partner who appreciates you and will be ‘nice’ in return then continue being the genuine nice guy. Go get ‘em.


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