Seven-hundred-sixty days

It has been approximately 760 days since I moved to Thailand.

That’s over two years of adventure I never expected, of pure joy, strangers to friends, tough tough learnings, three homes, a filled passport and a partner who can make me smile 1,434km away.

I went to a party last night to bump plastic cups with people I haven’t seen in over half a year. One was 100 days pregnant, three are leaving the country by May and another set a one year cap on Bangkok.

These were the same individuals who climbed waterfalls with me, cooked delicious vegan meals and together, partied until sun rise. And now, here we are, at stages in life completely different from when we first met.

It’s not an overstatement when I say, “time flies” in Asia. 

I think anyone who has been away from family and their core support network would start to feel a bit uneasy about the future. Southeast Asia is a place to build, to improve, to gain and to give back; it’s amazing to witness what can be accomplished here.

At the same time, Southeast Asia is a place to question, to submit, to become irritated and in many ways, be trapped. Life satisfaction lies on a very thin line.

The itch is unavoidable – a “how much longer?” thought that comes and goes just as quickly. It’s beginning to linger though…

Happy two years Bangkok ❤


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