Why do you stay?

Why do you stay in a relationship with someone?

Is it because you’re lonely? Because you’ve found the love of your life? Because you enjoy being in their company? Or because everyone else is doing it, so heck, why not?

Whatever the reason may be, the fact is that time changes things.

Why we stay has little to do with why we began.

Why we question whether we should be with the other person has little to do with if we actually love them.

Confused? Well, yah, feelings usually are.

But generally you stay because being together is better than being apart.

I don’t mean in the sense that you have a buddy to tag along with to the movies but that there’s silent encouragement from this being that roots for you everyday.

You as you are enough but you want to be better, do better and give better.

It feels as if an infinite amount of possibilities await the two of you.

And I’m not saying it will be perfect. Every relationship is different – there is no ideal, no matter what Instagram photos may look like.

You’ll have battles, days where you don’t want to talk or look at the other person. Or question if the relationship is even worth it but if you ride out the rough waves, there is no doubt you made the right choice to stick with them.

Use each other to laugh, talk, tease…just feel.

So, why do you stay?


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