Roma, Ti Amo

I could get used to this morning spread.

Ok, so I may be a bit bias – L is Italian and all I hear (or choose to hear) are good things but let me say that Barcelona and Rome did come to a close tie.

How can there not be magic in the vast city sprinkled with majestic structures? Apart from the cement tasting baked croissants and lack of public transportation, I am enamoured by the Piazzas, the simple yet delicious pasta and wine combo, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Roman Forum, public water fountains, etc., etc.


And if that wasn’t enough, Rome encompasses a small country for heaven’s sake – the Vatican City. Mind blown.


Take a walk

When night fall comes and you’re tummy couldn’t possibly take another bite of gelato, take a stroll through the city and discover what Rome’s really about. Atmosphere.

On our last night, we were treated to an orchestra performance by the talented California Youth Symphony whose music echoed beautifully through the chancel bringing me to subdued tears. M a g i c.

Could I imagine myself living here? Hm, the city has little means of travel and is overrun by tourists, ergo annoying scammers who like to shout “NEED A TOUR?!” at obvious foreigners.

But I’m definitely ok with exploring more of Italy.


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