Oh Gaudí, Gaudí

Casa Bastlló


Modern art has always been a confounding concept to me. If a napkin on the floor can be perceived as a masterpiece, we’ve spiralled into a deep confusion I sincerely pray we soon escape from.

Regardless of what is and isn’t by present standards, art is supposed to make the observer feel. Anything. The piece speaks volumes that doesn’t require words.

In Barcelona, I found feeling through Antoni Gaudí’s work, namely Casa Batlló, Lasagrada Familia and Parc Güell.

Even though it [Casa Batlló] was highly criticized by the city during construction due to its radical design that broke all the bylaws of the city, in 1906 the Barcelona City Council awarded it the recognition of being one of the three best buildings of the year.

The famous Spanish Catalan architect did not give a flying f*ck about the opinion of others. He had a vision that he saw through.

The entire structure radiates life and emotion runs through every crevice, stone curve and tile – as does every one of his pieces.

His distinct style

The primary functional elements of the ‘equilibrated‘ system were columns that tilted to employ diagonal thrusts and lightweight tile vaults. Many projects he worked on were documented to be delayed or incomplete.

“The client can wait.” – Antoni Gaudí

I’m content I was able to witness this much.


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