The Big Burn Out – 5 Ways to Balance Work and Play

Koh Chang, Thailand, Beach, Beautiful,

I’ll admit that during my three month review, I teared up like a big baby in front of my boss. It was extremely unprofessional but luckily she understood and gave me a few moments to compose myself.

I guess being homesick and pressuring myself to be more than my job description tipped the delicate avalanche that was definitely coming. I’d managed two successful events and an entire office renovation in three short months and to think the workload was going to pile higher scared me a little (x1000).

In truth, I was hoping for a break or bigger pat on the back but that’s not how it works in the real world. You need to keep churning for results and anyone working in startup knows that the “to do list” is a never ending one. So, how does one avoid the big burn out? These are my solutions.

1. Take a mini weekend getaway

Slice of Cyn, CyninIn, Thailand

I’ve been very fortunate to have met a group of individuals who enjoy being on the road as much as I do. This means weekend waterfall treks, island hopping, parasailing and a bum full of sand are a simple “hey, whatchu up to this weekend?” away. My last trip was to the lovely Koh Chang for three nights and four days where we stayed in a villa with our own private beach.

I found my happy place sitting on a swing gazing at the moon while listening to “Lost Stars”. Emo sounding, yes, but I assure you I was completely relaxed.

2. Make work play with co-workers

As a project manager, I’m interacting with UX designers, Head of Marketing, contractors, finance and HR multiple times a day. It’s no mystery that work is more enjoyable when you like the people in your team. As a newbie to the company, I made a solid effort to speak with everyone. Some became immediate friends while others would strictly be co-workers. Either way, a smile proved to go a long way. So while completing even a time sensitive task, I try to joke around because it makes being at the office so much more pleasant.

3. Deplug and play

Slice of Cyn, CyninIn, ThailandI hate emails, Skype messages, and pings attacking my phone every 15 minutes, it gives me anxiety. How do I make it stop?! I know it may be hard at first but try changing your status to ‘away’ and ignoring your phone for two hours to go do whatever you please.

4. Sweat it out

Slice of Cyn, CyninIn, Thailand

Exercise may seem like a crappy way to “relax” but how can you hate the endorphin high? A consistent workout is something I struggle incorporating into my long work day but whenever I finish my extremely painful jog through Lumphini Park, I feel damn good. Respect your body and nourish it.

5. Pat yourself on the back

Slice of Cyn, Thailand, CyninIn

Not everyone is going to recognize the work you do or the amount of hours you put in. If you’re proud of you’ve accomplished, you deserve a little treat whether it be a Thai tea (hello delicious neon orange drink of diabetes!) or a new pair of shoes (super guilty…). Hey, love thyself.

When in paradise, enjoy the moment. Stop your mind from mentally clunking out the next email or updating that pipeline on Trello. Inhale that salty breeze deeply and swim in the oceans until your body turns freaky wrinkly. You won’t regret savouring moments like these.

Slice of Cyn, CyninIn, Thailand
Slice of Cyn, CyninIn, Thailand

Follow my adventures on Instagram @sliceofcyn. #CyninIn…hmm, where to next?



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