Success: What the f*ck is it?

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To be successful, you need to get a white collar job, make six figures, be positive, find a lasting life partner who will love you indefinitely and have obedient genetically gifted youngsters. Am I the only person thinking “WTF, how is anyone able to achieve all of this?” Not only have we been brainwashed with these things growing up as a child straight into young adulthood; is this really what even makes an individual successful? Is this the grand prize that everyone strives to win in order to feel accomplishment or is it just fluff made to feed the materialistic hunger society has embedded in ourselves?

I spent the first 20 years of my life measuring my success by the definition of others. It wasn’t until my later university years that I decided to focus on what I wanted.

Growing up, the rank of my school or the standing of my GPA wasn’t very important to me. My values laid in the experiences I would forever remember. To my teachers, I was always the student bursting with utmost potential; on the trajectory to excellence if my focus could sharpen.

I won’t lie, I was a lazy individual because I could skate through school as a B+ student with little effort. Somewhere during my OD of Tim Hortons shit tea and brutal nights trying to memorize the latin names of extinct dinosaurs, I became utterly petrified of the future.

I defied my mom’s advice, I defied the path my degree would take me on and I turned my back on the profession I thought I so badly wanted. I haven’t figured out everything but somehow at this moment I’m sipping a cool Americano in a cat café situated in Bangkok. Life’s pretty sweet at this point.

Am I the most successful in the eyes of others? No, most definitely not. Do I feel like I’ve succeeded? Not a chance. But I do know I’m growing and taking advantage of the opportunities that are in front of me and I’m definitely no longer the blubbering mess I was a year ago.

A writer at said it perfectly: Define success in your own terms, and then actively drive others toward that definition of success. I want to be happy, I want to be able to express myself and share with others, I want to be able to give my mother a life she couldn’t have and I want to be able to have new experiences everyday. This is my definition of success.

Stop listening to the same BS that everyone’s spitting at you and ignore the haters who believe there’s only one straight path to success. If you keep comparing yourself to others, you will never achieve happiness. There will always be people smarter, braver and more fit than you. Forget ’em and keep on believing dreamers, it’s all you.



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