Weekly Recap – Whaddup Singapore & Jakarta!

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I’m backkkkkkk Bangkok! Thanks to a series of work related events, I got to visit Singapore and Indonesia for a total of nine glorious non-stop-shoe-shopping days. Living out of hotels and eating out in different cities really takes a toll on your body. Ok, that came out completely spoiled and obnoxious. Please let me explain.

1. Hello Singapore. You’re so beautiful a city I felt as though I stepped onto a Hollywood movie set. Streets were sterile, the shops were gorgeous and things just…functioned smoothly. Maybe it was the ability to easily communicate in either English or Chinese or the vast greenery that the tree hugger in me embraced but I felt so much at home. The parks themselves will honestly have you salivating.

2. The crazy routine I adopted on the weekends: wake up at 9AM, explore the city/party until 4AM, hit the airport half asleep and check in to the next hotel. Sound exhausting? Adrenaline kept me going and no alcohol was involved as I’m not the biggest fan of drinking. Would you be up for it?

3. Mega shopping. Singapore and Jakarta are probably the BEST places to feed the shopping hunger that I hadn’t indulged in ever since arriving to Asia. Malls are literally everywhere and their size make the ones back at home (Toronto) look like the ghetto. I’ve somehow managed to mix n’ match the one suitcase of clothing that I brought with me to Bangkok and I’m now exhausted of the choices. My lack of shopping deserves an award, an award that came as two pairs of shoes. Charles & Keith, you will be the end of me.

4. A skin doctor in Indonesia was recommended to me as my face isn’t cooperating with my old products anymore and I’m getting extremely frustrated. Haha, thank you H for sticking around while I got crap squeezed out of my face. It was quite the experience for both of us.

5. When work starts to weigh down on you and incoming emails make you sigh, it’s incredibly vital to find a happy place. I’m stress free when I’m outside and doing something good for my body. Whether it be hiking to viewpoint or huffing and puffing my ass off after a jog without a slick of make up, I feel freakin’ fabulous. Unfortunately in Jakarta, it’s near impossible to walk anywhere. The pollution or insane traffic could kill you alone but the amazingly genuine people I met made it worthwhile.

After a taste of #jetset life, I won’t lie to myself, it’s so good to be home. Next week is Songkran, Thailand’s new years celebration where the entire country becomes one mega water fight, look forward to that post.


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