Sorry Mom: Why I’m Making it a Priority to Talk to Strangers

Slice of Cyn, Singapore

Everyone knows that they shouldn’t talk to strangers because you might get thrown into a van and chopped into a gabillion pieces. Well, I’ve chucked all my hesitancies out the window since arriving to Southeast Asia and went full blown rebel mode by going on weekend trips with boys and girls that I’ve never met before. You know I’ve survived each trip because I’m writing this post but in all honesty, I did more than survive, I had experiences I won’t ever forget.

Without a little risk, I wouldn’t have been able to lodge in a resort suite by a private beach, paintball with 13 French boys (oui oui!) or experience Singapore and Jakarta through the eyes of the sweetest individuals I was fortunate enough to meet (I can’t thank you enough for your time and patience!).

Here are 5 reasons you should talk to strangers more:

1. It’s a guarantee…


I never knew I would enjoy getting shot at in a 37°C war zone similar to Call of Duty or that my body was able to function on less than 5 hours of sleep a day while jumping from conference to party to airport.

I didn’t know I was going to like lamb sate…ok, that’s a lie, of course I would like it.

2. More friends, more merry

aCommerce Indonesia

What can be cooler than saying you have friends all around the world? Stay in touch through social media and you’ll have live updates from different parts of the world. Friendship is hard to find when you get older so I’ll remember to pay it forward: can’t wait to be the lost tour guide whenever you’re in Canada or Bangkok!

3. They know best

Slice of Cyn, Food

Who else but the residents would know the best brunch spot in town or take you to a legitimate Korean BBQ joint in Indonesia? I would have refuelled pathetically at 7-11 without the guidance of my VIPS. They have the customs know-how so you instantly feel more comfortable about not ending up in jail. Singapore is a great place to accidentally break a few laws if you aren’t aware…

4. You might feel a little something something


Ancient emotions might be awoken. You’ve been warned.

5. You’ll embrace the unexpected

Slice of Cyn

There’s no way to prepare for what’s to come when you’re with a stranger. I’ve learned to go with the not-so-steady flow and figure things out along the way. After losing the crazy expectations, everything will become so wonderful. My brain can’t keep up with the rate my eyes dart around. I must look high.

This post is not advocating people to be foolish and hop into a car with complete strangers offering candy on the street. Be smart and listen to your gut but don’t let the fear of meeting somebody new close you off from new experiences. Like I always say, everyone needs to be a little bad.



5 thoughts on “Sorry Mom: Why I’m Making it a Priority to Talk to Strangers

    1. LOL noooo not implying that at all 😉 They are some of the nicest people on Earth, people without a lot willing to give you the shirt from their backs.


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