8 Things That Happen When You’re Homesick

hua hin, bangkok, cyninbkkI’m not an openly emotional type of person to most, I know some would even argue that I’m cold as stone but homesickness has done something to me. This post isn’t supposed to be a sob fest or a pity party, it’s my way of showing how much the people at home mean to me and how weirdly teary I’ve gotten. I’ve been away for more than a month now with no idea when I will be back. This whole lost in translation thing has me feeling things I never experienced before.

Is this what happens when you’re homesick?

1. You’ll be at an amazing party and wish you were somewhere else


Namely back in bed with your mom slamming pots and pans in the kitchen whipping up Saturday’s traditional delicious brunch. It sucks you can’t fully enjoy the rooftop bar with banging music because you wish your girls were with you.

2. You cover your walls with snapshots of mom’s smiling face and shameless selfies

My room is currently half lime green and baby blue, no joke. This is enough incentive to dedicate an entire wall to tear jerking photos of awkward family photos taken last winter and cards containing encouraging words. I wake up to the faces of people I miss and reminders of their faith in me *cue cheesy music*.

3. You will fight the urge to hop on a plane back home…everyday

Did I make the right choice? Is it worth it?” These are the questions that will cling to your brain tissue and haunt you as you sift through an array of overpriced bedsheets or when you’re desperately searching for a WiFi signal. I’ve learned that regret is a useless emotion. You made the choice, now you have to live through it with your head up. Thank goodness the airport is over an hour away from my place.

4. You’ll cry beautifully in the car

Control Your Emotions

Tears will stream down your face when “that song” comes on and you’ll quietly turn your head to gaze out the window like in the movies. For me it was Miranda Lambert’s “Same Love” because my brother rapped all the words whenever he showered. Miss you big bro.

5. You want to adopt a cat even though you’re allergic

Ok, this one might be unique to me but as I walked home today, a stray kitty snuggled up to me and I was extremely compelled to take her home to be my roommate. I walked to a 7-Eleven to pick up some milk but she was gone when I went back. Sadness and desperation level 99+.

6. You’ll chat with someone you cut ties with

Because you’re itching to communicate with someone, anyone back home. I know it’s sorta wrong but sometimes the heart does what it wants for comfort.

7. You get sad when you notice similarities from “new home” and “home home”

I went to Central World in Bangkok today to watch a movie and it eerily reminded me of Eaton Centre back in Toronto. This brought a wave of nostalgia over me even though I am so utterly bored of Eatons. Bonus: The malls here are ten times cooler.

8. Your biggest fear is being forgotten

Homesick SliceofCyn

But that shouldn’t be a fear because if they’re your true friends, they’ll be waiting with open arms when you finally return home.

Keep your head up and remember you’re here for a reason. 🙂 #cyninBKK



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