Weekly Recap – Beachin’ on The Weekends

Bangkok, expat, beachbum, Kolour in the Park

My fourth week in Bangkok ended at a music fest featuring Sven Vath and I couldn’t have basked in the sun longer than I did. My last few weekends have been picture perfect; imagine resting under a tree on a beach while crystal blue waves crash at your feet. Ignore the sandy butt and icky sticky skin and you have the perfect lazy day. I am so sun-kissed, I wouldn’t be surprised if I started leaking sun cream and sea salt.

1. Jumping off piers. I haven’t felt that adrenaline rush for a while so diving into an ocean of endless blue definitely fed this junkie.  

2. Drinks and naps on the beach. I dozed off while listening to the crash of the waves and staring up at the stars. Sorry gal pals, my chilled tonic water couldn’t keep my eyes open (couldn’t drink much because my skin has been reacting badly).

3. A fire show that freaked out many when one of the balls they were whipping around flew in the air and landed in the crowd. One of my friends got her hair and skin singed off by the sparks while the other ran for her life. I’m cracking up.

4. The ghetto, GHETTO hostel we stayed at. It almost made me cry. I was terrified to drift to sleep in fear of an army of insects moving their way out of my mattress and into my skin. Paranoid, yes, but for good reason. Our bedsheets were stained, the toilet was a hole in the ground and the grimy sink was beside a garbage site. I actually craved city life.

5. Delicious food thats reminds me of home. The crispy waffle fries reminded me terribly of home (CW represent!). Kolour in the Park was an extremely exhilarating 12 hours of EDM music, booze, free swag and expat meet and greets. The ladies and I were dropped off at the side of a road completely covered in dust , one of us bleeding, and trying to flag down a scarce cab. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle another one of these nights.

I feel my body is starting to push back and practically screaming for me to slow down so I listened and finally caught up with some blogging/laundry/grocery shopping/sleep. I’ll be updating regularly now that I’m getting into a patterned groove and I’m back on the Urbanebloc grind, we’ve got a fresh bada$$ look.

Thank you for joining me on this insane journey!



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