WisdomWednesday – 2014 Highs and Lows

WW New Years

An upcoming year means a fresh start and chance to shed the past year’s mistakes, shameful hangovers and (hopefully) weight. The year 2014 has been an extremely eventful year for me and I’m going to cherish even the last minute of these life changing 365 days. Here are some of my hits and misses as well as my 2015 resolutions (I swear they aren’t very cheesy!). Big news ahead.

1. Throwing my hat away

Goodbye my 4 years of undergrad. Four years of Tim Horton runs for diluted coffee, trying to read chalkboard scrawls, cram sessions at a library ridden with fire alarms, and laughing with friends at our unfortunate exam schedules. There’s nothing quite like your university experience and I’m very fortunate to have made some genuine friends. ❤

2. Gluing my heart back together 

WW New Years

To say it was hard to leave someone I cared a lot about is letting myself off the hook. I don’t want to delve back to those old wounds that have now thankfully scarred over but it’s changed me in ways that are invaluable to me. I’m more open to love and allowing others to see the more vulnerable side of me. Balling my eyes out and curling into fetal position was a necessary first to get over the pain of losing a best friend and first love. It’s better to have loved than never at all.

3. Ten planes in 2 months 

WW New Years

Can you say Bangkok – Surat Thani – Koh Phangan – Phuket – Koh Phi Phi – Chiang Mai – VangVieng – Vientiane – Nanning – ShenZhen – Beijing – DanDong – Seoul – Busan?

What a journey.

4. Start up life 

WW New Years

Situated right at the heart of downtown, I started an internship where I learned how to work with office drama, edit a makeup tutorial and maintain ladylike behaviour after getting clunked in the head at a company social dinner (it was by a performer, not a co-worker!). I’m thankful for the friends I’ve added to my roster and am always grateful when they laugh at my lame jokes.

5. There’s a boy in the house!

One of the biggest events this year was reuniting with my older brother. After moving out a few years ago, he finally decided to let me back into his life and open up to family. I will say it’s been a headache trying to decide if I want to sock him for all his constant teasing or hug the crap out of him for his courage. I decided it’s always going to be a bit of both. I’m happy the fam is starting 2015 together.

Now for the traditional new year’s list of resolutions that will be forgotten around January 15th. Forget the same cliché goals (lose weight, be happy, save money, etc.), I’m keeping these ones for the new year:

– Work harder than I’ve ever by pushing limits and embracing change

– Eat merrily and keep fit by taking the stairs or running after a Tuk Tuk

– Be open to try any experience that I can document (I promised my mum no more tigers 😦 )

– Contact my family and friends as often as humanly possible while working at a start up to assure them I’m still alive and kicking

– Smile and be thankful for each new day and new experience

MY BIG NEWS: I'm moving to Thailand early next year. Whaaaaa? 
WW New Years

More about that later. For now, I’m wishing everyone the best. Thank you for following me and for being curious. I can only hope to share my journey of random events with anyone willing to listen. Who says life has only one trajectory? I’m out to prove that going with the flow never looked so good. 

Happy New Year!!! I’m coming for you 2015!



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