7 Times LesbiHonest

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Humans are sexual creatures. There’s nothing wrong with it, you can’t really argue against it and it’s something everyone experiences differently. Girls simply love girls and we’re lucky to have the luxury of sharing it without societal scrutiny. Here are 7 times women have been lesbihonest.

1. Peekin’ in the shower

Shower GIF

Don’t pretend like you’ve never done it before. Appreciate.

2. Holding hands

Linking arms, giving each other kisses, there’s no end to the amount of friendly touches a female-female friendship allows before it crosses over into romantic gestures. We’ve seen each other shower, wax, and poop without batting an eye. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

3. Drunken confessions of love

Drunk Friends GIF

I’m so sorrry, I love you sooo much. Don’t ever leave me, besties for life?” You’re confessing your undying love for your friendship as you slip and slide out the karaoke room clinging onto your girlfriend. She’s shaking her head and laughing at what a disastrous mess you are and how hilarious this story will be in the morning. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

4. #WCW

The number of females you follow on Instagram probably outweighs the number of men by a landslide. Forget the hot dudes, you’re perfectly happy gazing at the rock-hard abs gym chicks and fashionable ladies that dominate Instagram. You cannot stop scrolling through photos of girls in bikinis and no sex blames you.

5. Boob grabs and a$$ slaps

If you’re close enough with your friend, this will happen naturally. It’s our way of communication, like a “hey, what’s cookin?” (who still speaks like this? I do).

6. Being inseparable

LEGO Lesbihonest

My mom once accused me of being a closet lesbian with my best friend in an email fight. I was shocked but also seriously amused after telling my friend. Meh, who could blame her given the appalling amount of time the BFF and I spent together in middle school and junior high? 10 years strong girlie!

7. NSFW dance moves

Whether it’s grindin’ up on one another, twerkin’ side by side or getting lost in the music together, you’ve done all the nasty nasty with your posse on the dance floor.


Let’s spread the love and not be ashamed to show our affection.



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