WisdomWednesday – One Year Older

slice of cyn

I have finally joined the 22 year old club months after friends long celebrated this landmark. It’s what I get for being a December baby, that and a single present for Christmas and my birthday. One year older means one year wiser right? I don’t feel too different but I suppose my brain has learned a lot in a year.

1. It’s scary not knowing but that’s ok

Being a new grad and looking for work in a field completely dissimilar to your degree can get rough. Although it’s scary not knowing what’s to happen next, you need to trust yourself that it will all work out in the end because you’re a DO-er. You may not have the next five years mapped out and that’s ok. It’s also ok to have mini panic attacks if you think about it too hard. BREATHE.

2. Travelling is good for the heart, mind and soul

I learned that I can live out of a suitcase for two months and function perfectly in extreme heat while my friends ditch me for a Tuk Tuk ride. I learned that I am happy in my own company and . I also learned that I’m capable of some really

3. Pick your battles

You can’t possibly win every argument, quarrel or fist fight you get involved in so choose wisely and let the other person “win” if they mean a lot to you. Do you really need to be right about the flavour of popcorn from last week or can you let it slide? Self-respect is important but pride has no place in a relationship.

4. My baking skills are non-existent

WW Baking GIF

I tried and I failed miserably. My brother requested that I remove myself from the kitchen after I whipped up a batch of Nutella cookies hard enough to dent teeth. First were the bitter black bean brownies that resembled mud and then came along the burnt sugar cookies. I think it’s my unwillingness to follow the recipe to a tee that ruins me (swapping baking soda and baking powder, cutting down on sugar, butter and all the other things that make a pastry taste good). I can make a mean fried rice though.

5. I can’t please everyone

So I stopped caring what others think. As long as you’re happy with what you’re doing, it really doesn’t matter what they think. Also, learn to be genuinely happy for others.

6. I can’t handle a cat or dog

After a week of dog/cat-sitting for two of my friends and one fur filled trip to the vet, it occurred to me that although I love playing with animals, I wouldn’t be able to care for one of my own. Returning to a destroyed house that smells like pee because the pup is teething and super excited is a load I can’t handle. I definitely don’t spend enough time at home but I’m always happy to pop into my friend’s place for a much needed furry cuddle though.

7. Stephen Colbert and Kevin Hart effect you like marijuana

Laughter is honestly my favourite medicine. After a charged interview that had my heart gushing blood in and out of my veins at the speed of light, I needed something to squash my adrenaline. Enter Youtube and all those illegally uploaded show clips. I immediately felt a sense of calm watching Kevin Hart trying to rap. Complete bliss.

8. Make time for people

You never know when a connection will pop up or a favour is granted because of someone in your social circle. Life is more fun when you have someone to spend it with and honestly, who doesn’t love good company from time to time?

9. Stop expecting!

This is something I need to constantly repeat to myself. You can’t and shouldn’t expect anything of someone other than yourself. It can ruin relationships and leave you seriously bummed out.

10. Don’t let yourself go

ALWAYS, ALWAYS take care of yourself. Don’t slave away for someone else or fear becoming a bag of bitterness who hates the world. Get your nails done, go on that trip you’ve planned for ages, splurge on a delicious meal, there are so many reasonable little things that can make you happier so why not do them? Life will pass by in a hurried blur if you don’t stop and chomp down on that Boston Cream to remind you why you’re alive.

A big thanks to everyone who has stepped into my life up until now. No matter what role you played, big or small, I am who I am because of it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. ❤



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