WisdomWednesday: Why I Make a Good Hire

slice of cyn

To justify this extremely random post, I’ve decided to add a new segment to my already abundant site of projects-in-the-works. Introducing #WisdomWednesday, a weekly dose of a subject matter I’m currently digging or perky knowledge I’ve recently acquired by hands on means or too much Internet browsing. Whichever it may be, I hope you can take something from it; sporadically drop a cool tidbit in the middle of a conversation (“by the way, did you know…”) or kill it as a future contestant on Jeopardy.

Ok, so this may not be the best way to start my new series but everyone should be allowed to pat themselves on the back from time to time (hey, I warned you it would be random). While scrolling through the endless list of Indeed.ca listings and working my way through banal application forms, I started to feel frustrated communicating with an automated e-mail response bot. How I could show them my personality more thoroughly than a cover letter and resume ever could? Using a blog post of course! This is the beauty of the media industry, total creative freedom, so here’s a list of reasons why I make a great hire:

1. I fancy my memory is nearly photographic

If you tell me something, I unfortunately will probably take it to the grave, as in even if I wanted to erase it from my memory, I wouldn’t be able to. Dates, deadlines, birthdays, your favourite ice cream flavours live on forever in my brain. Use it to your advantage.

2. I make people laugh

Laughter is my choice of drug. I crack silly jokes when anxious to break the ice but even after becoming acquaintances, I enjoy uplifting the mood. Nobody likes to work with a cloud over their head or with a group of zombies clicking away at their keyboard. There was a week I zoned out into a writing funk and barely whispered a word which caused my co-workers to instantly become concerned. Many can vouch that I always remain positive even during late office hours busting out the latest on pineapples (it was the trending hot topic fruit last year). References available upon request.

3. I read body language like it’s my first language

Some people aren’t aware of certain social cues or barely know of their existence. I, on the other hand, am not one of those lucky bastards. Sometimes, I wish I could stop noticing all the eye darts, fake laughs and simply ramble on with my story as others do without giving a hoot about the person’s squirmage (I’m aware this is not a word but you can imagine what it would look like) but alas, I’ve been cursed with the ability to observe.

It’s a blessing in disguise to understand and pinpoint how a person reacts and what triggers it. Maybe this is why people tell me I make them feel comfortable instantly and harbour no anxiety when they want to open up.

What this means: I will never ask you insensitive questions about your dead cat when you start fidgeting and I won’t upset the client by embracing him or her in a bear hug.

4. I am fuelled by challenges

Vaccinate a cat without any prior contact with needles or felines? No problem. Design a dress with zero sewing experience? Pass over the sequins and crazy glue. Build something holiday oriented with 97 balls of chocolate? Sure, but can I eat it after? It was always a hit the ground running or crash and burn fight with every new job but I LOVED IT.

Without a challenge, my accomplishments simply aren’t as rewarding. I learned this at an early stage of my career working at a concessions stand in a movie theatre. It was fun at first because I was surrounded by punk high school kids more invested in unlimited popcorn and free movies than quality customer service but this novelty soon wore off after a month (the time it took to watch the good releases). The only reason I stayed longer was because The Dark Knight was coming out in a few months and we were going to be gifted bonuses for having the highest sale of upsizes. I ironed out my butter smelling shirt, plastered on a winning smile and sold extra large tub sized fountain drinks for an extra $0.39 like there was no tomorrow. Say hello to the Upsize Queen of 2009.

5. I am eager and willing to learn

Ah, this brings us to the hard skill set I offer. My experience in several different industries taught me many things but most importantly in order to succeed, you need to learn the process and do it quickly before your boss registers your confused expression.

Jumping from DNA mapping in a lab to drawing a square in Photoshop took a lot of dedication, late nights and Youtube videos. What started off as a square turned into banners, snapping images for brands on social media (didn’t even own an Instagram account in university) and creating content for a startup company. All of this happened within a year and four of those months were dedicated to travelling and cramming for exams.

6. I have a thirst for new experiences

I will never say no to trying something new unless that something is a never-before-been-tested technique that makes it possible to jump out of a plane without a parachute. If your company wants to push limits and think outside the mouldy stale box, I’m game.

7. I can operate with little sleep and bad food

Long hours and hard work don’t scare me when I’m highly invested in a project, heart, mind and laptop. There’s nothing that gives me more joy than bringing a sketch to life. But there are still limits to this machine of a worker, there’s only so much a diet of jalapeño Cheetos and water can do before I start singing Christmas carols no matter the time of day or night. Allow me the occasional power nap and munch of a salad bowl and I’ll be good as new.

8. I’m a good listener

People understand that a talented speaker can seal the deals and motivate a team but how many of you have overlooked the good listener? They are the people who give your ideas undivided attention and would never cut you off, they are the folks that grab you the file in the drawer before you even ask because they overheard you telling a co-worker you misplaced it and they are the boys and girls who understand we were given two ears and only one mouth. Listening has become a lost art but I still got it.

9. I adapt to every type of situation

If you thrust me into a room full of accountants who only want to talk numbers, I’ll put on my happy face and make small talk without falling asleep. If you toss me into a new country where I know nada about the culture, customs, language or health concerns, I’ll adapt but I’ll also question how evil someone can be. If a team member leaves and we’re left to pick up the pieces, I’ll take onto my plate as much as I can handle to bite through the tough situation. Life begins where your comfort zone ends so strap up and go forth.

10. I Love Life

Many people would think so what? How would this make you a great candidate? Well, why would you want to hire someone who’s bitter with life? I think it’s incredibly important to employ someone who has great appreciation for being alive. They value each opportunity with more enthusiasm and are usually more well-rounded than someone who always sees a glass three quarters empty. They treat every experience as an eye-opener and refuses to back down if failure hits back hard. Loving life makes you want to leap forward, not jump back.

Oh, I guess I’m at the end of the list already. If you’re reading this, you’ve either been forced to go through all ten reasons because you’re seriously considering hiring me and want to see if I slip up or I’ve amused you greatly. Either way, thank you! But enough of myself, tell me about you.



5 thoughts on “WisdomWednesday: Why I Make a Good Hire

      1. I’m always interested in working with creative people – especially those with a heart for others. How about writing a book together? Looking at your interests in social concern for kids, love of science and so on I could imagine we might be able to collaborate on a project together. If you’d like?


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