Weekly Recap – Furballs Included

Weekly Recap - Furballs

This week wasn’t filled with glitzy Frocktail parties or shopping sprees, instead I got to stay in and care for two kitties and although I’m allergic, I loved every minute. Whenever you’re in need of a mini-vacay or dose of fresh inspiration, I encourage you to pet sit or crash at a friend’s place for a week.

1. Not only did I get to hang with two cats, I also got to play with two insanely hyper canines. I think it’s safe to say that my allergies have learned how to behave themselves after throwing myself at the animals this week. Good job immune system.

2. Christmas music has been blasting through my laptop speakers to feed my holiday jitter needs. Currently I’m listening to a one hour Youtube video that has the likes of Justin Bieber, Mariah, Clara C, and Michael Bublé. Thank you user Steve Bailey.

3. I got to test out different filters and play around with my flat lays this week. I’m always happy being behind the lens. Having friends with pretty things really comes in handy when you have a creative itch to scratch. (You can check out @pieceofcyn on Insta for my whimsical snaps).

4. My reading list: Revenge Wears Prada. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish thanks to my long hours filling out application forms. My Wacom tablet and I have bonded immensely these last seven days.

5. One of the best parts of this week has been the bonding with my girlfriends over home-cooked meals. Corn cheese, hearty Korean food and snacks galore have been filling my satisfied tummy. I swear I’m balancing it all out with gym sessions! Bring on the holiday food.

It’s been a pretty hectic but peaceful few days if that makes sense. There are super amazing projects coming up that I can’t wait to share!!! Keep posted 🙂


Shoutout to my ladies who put up with my hermit lifestyle this week. You are my saviours. xoxo

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