Spotlight: A Little Nook of Holiday Heaven

Distillery TO Style Bargains

The greatest cure for stress is honestly an overdose of cheesy commercial in-your-face holiday spirit that comes in the form of dancing elves who pose for pictures. It’s almost a breath of fresh air to hear people shouting at you from spiced apple cider vendors. No thank you but please keep that cheer up.

I’m replacing Style Bargains with “The Spotlight” segment; it’s my tribute to a something or even someone I can’t get enough of until…next week. You’ll see various looks every Monday because I can’t categorize my style. I dress depending on my mood or as my friend puts it, “you don’t give a damn, you wear what you want.” So today, I’m feeling TURTLENECKS!

Distillery TO Style Bargains

Distillery TO Style Bargains

The turtleneck should be a staple item in every girl’s closet. I snatched this at a thrift store for only $7.99 (I still rule at awesome deals). It’s a classy look that suits everyone and is almost appropriate for every occasion depending how you dress it very unlike fishnet stockings that simply won’t cut it for dinner at grandmas.

Distillery TO Style Bargains

Distillery TO Spotlight

Layering on top of a turtleneck will give you a whole different look. I slipped a LBD over it and now look like a LG (little girl). Simply imagine it without the leggings, it got too cold so I switched over. Walking on this brick floor was a pain in the derrière, I almost twisted my ankle two times. *sigh* Blogger struggles but more about that another time.

Distillery TO Style Bargains

To wrap up the day, we dropped into a cafe to get some feeling back into our fingers. I believe this was a chocolate rum croissant that paired perfectly with our Americanos but then again, how can you go wrong with a flaky chocolate danish?

Before I drown my ears with Justin Bieber’s holiday album, tell me where the prettiest place is to go during the holidays?



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