Weekly Recap – Desserts & Drinks

slice of cyn, tiger of sweden, toronto premium outlets

Alright, we’re doing the weekly recap a bit differently this time around in the form of a collage. It’s more organized and visually pleasing, no? It’s been a whirlwind of

1. Thank you Tiger of Sweden for opening up a new shop and inviting me to take a sneak peek. Men, are you ready for this bold, bold blazer?

Drankkkkks with my ride or die at Cube in celebration of Contiki Legends where I got to interview Gunnarolla and his amazing adventures. I was drinking straight O to the J.

2. FIRST SNOW DAY. Very exciting stuff so I snapped a quick pic and completely forgot about frostbite or the fact that my footgear was inappropriate. I swear it’s not uncontrollable dandruff.

Yes, tons of shopping and giving and receiving. I couldn’t wait for Black Friday and the deals at Toronto Premium Outlets were too good to pass up. Shout outs are in order for shuttling my cold bum there and back and putting a hot chocolate in my hands! I loved meeting all the hip mommy bloggers (so much love and excitement).

3. Instagram share: pretty leaves, pretty macarons and pretty (also seriously good) donuts to commemorate my last day at the company! I’ll miss you ladies *_*


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