8 Ways Social Media Gives Us Anxiety

Social Media

Oh, the Internet. It gives us so much pain and joy all in one confused vortex of information and cat memes. Remember when we lived without WiFi? No? Me neither. We can’t envision a time when booties weren’t so in our faces and Kim K wasn’t taking over our newsfeeds. Having our entire social circle plus their social circles pry into our personal lives leaves us with no place to run and hide from all the scrutiny. Talk about screwing with self-concept. If you’ve been stressed out lately, maybe you’re suffering from these social media struggles?

1. Follow or unfollow????

They followed you but you don’t really want to follow back because they’re not too interesting yet you don’t want to hurt their feelings but they’re expecting it…ugh, headacheeeeeee. Need I say more?

2. Hashtag judging

Hashtag Hashtag

If you use too many hashtags, people might think you’re crazy needy but if you don’t use any, you won’t get as many likes or as many people checking out your profile. Oh the dilemma. What in the world are you going to do? It’s easy, delete them all after you get your likes so no one will ever know of their existence.

3. Mean comments and grammar nazis

Excuse me for using UR instead of YOUR, apparently this mean I’m a third grader with no clue as to what I’m talking about. *Actually, I’m a bit of a grammar nazi myself so seeing YOUR and YOU’RE used incorrectly gives me anxiety but I’ll never comment on it in an obnoxious voice.

4. Pressure to consistently update

Social Media

Sometimes you don’t have anything interesting to tweet about or update your followers with. You simply want to lie down and scream into a pillow all day. Do you though? No, instead you rearrange flowers, jewelry and macarons in the right lighting for a perfect flat lay eyegasm.

5. These people and their existence…

Social Media

It really makes you lose a smudge of faith in humanity. Go here for more sadness.

6. Likes, thumbs ups, favourite

You can spend the entire night trying to convince me about how little you care regarding your likes or thumbs up numbers on Instagram or Facebook and I still wouldn’t believe you. You don’t share photos on social media for your own viewing pleasure, you share so others can be envious of your fabulous travel destinations or the chocolate croissant you just ate. Does this explain why you panic when your post doesn’t reach over 11 likes?

7. Seen at 12:46PM

Social Media

Why isn’t he answering? He saw my message four minutes ago so why don’t I at least see those three bubbles indicating him typing? What he be doing behind ma back?! Who he thank he is???? (Sorry, excuse me, the ghetto got out).

8. Losing a follower

Ouch, slap in the face much? What was it I did? Did they not like the picture of my breakfast bagel? Was it my bed hair? No, it must have been the arm flub that was sticking out through the halter dress. Ugh, I’m never squeezing into a size 2 again. You’ll spend 20 minutes having a nervous breakdown contemplating why you suddenly lost a follower when it was probably a spammer account getting deactivated. Deep breaths, it’s better to learn from the get-go that you can’t possibly please everyone.

Any of those sound familiar to you? Apart from all the anxiety, the internet is a great place to connect so long as you keep your head on straight and ignore trivial matters. It’s a great place to send love as stickers, share laughs via Vine and keep in touch with friends across the world. It’s normal to feel sluggish if you devote too much time to your social media accounts. At this point, taking a social media detox and disconnecting for a day or two will be good for your soul. Your loyal followers won’t unfriend you because you didn’t get that #ootd up. And if they do, well, they weren’t all that fabulous in the first place.

slice of cyn,


6 thoughts on “8 Ways Social Media Gives Us Anxiety

  1. Lol, I remember the days of no wifi where your parents answered when boys called your home phone, or you wrote ten page notes to give to your friends the next day because you couldn’t just facebook message them. Despite the digital anxiety, I would never go back.


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