Why Catcalling Doesn’t Work Yet Guys Still Do It Anyway

cat calling, comic

Finally there’s a huge explosion of attention being paid to the asswipes that honk their horns and yell obscene and quite frankly, stupid things from their cars to random women. I don’t think shouting “hey hot pu$$y” is going to land a man anything but a I-hate-your-existence-death-glare so why do they even bother? Let’s dissect catcalling for all it’s vomitrocious nothingness.

Why they do it:

  • They want to weed out the weak and willing women who get a kick out of being hollered at (as said by the men interviewed by Huffington Post)
  • They want to prove to their buds that they aren’t afraid to approach a woman
  • They think they are brightening our day with a compliment
  • They want any kind of reaction from us
  • They’re sad lonely creatures lacking judgement

How we feel:

  • Extremely creeped out and icky dirty
  • Unsafe and now paranoid
  • Self-conscious from the unwanted attention and psst, it definitely doesn’t brighten our day
  • Violated!
  • Basically this…

Fight GIF

If you want to compliment a woman, there are 157 other different ways to do it. A simple “hey, just wanted to let you know that you’re gorgeous” will always have a higher success rate than a “hey! Nice smokin’ ass pretty thang!”. For one, you’ve avoided making her feel like a piece of meat put on Earth to be objectified and instead paid her a genuine compliment (given that you didn’t say it in a creepy raspy drawl). Secondly, she might even return this random gesture with a smile or *gasp* a coffee date if that was your goal.

Before hollering, stop and allow your brain to process the consequences of your actions for ONE moment. Would it be ok if it was your daughter, wife or mother getting harassed by strange men on the streets? I hope you’re now appalled by the thought of that happening.

Verdict? I’m not your girl so don’t call me baby,

slice of cyn,


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