Get Some Wang

Alexander Wang, Slice of Cyn, alexanderwangxhm

Alexander Wang, slice of cyn

I was fortunate to preview the Alexander Wang x HM collection before it launched to the public last week and my purchase came with an extra surprise jersey. Let me say that if Alexander Wang tells you to “WEAR THIS”, I’m going to happily embrace my inner tomboy.

slice of cyn, alexanderwangxhm

slice of cyn, alexanderwangxhm

alexanderwangxhm, slice of cyn

slice of cyn, alexanderwangxhmJersey [AW Limited Edition], Beanie [Diamond Supply CO], Shoes [New Balance], Bag [Winners]

Thank goodness for relatively warm days in November or I would have frozen to death shooting this. Any chance Mother Nature can spare us a few more? *Sigh* I doubt it. Well, did you have a favourite Wang piece? (I’m seriously never going to get tired of saying his last name)

slice of cyn,


5 thoughts on “Get Some Wang

  1. so cool!! i’m obsessed with this collection, and i wish i could get some pieces but i think they’re almost all sold out 😦 i stupidly blanked on the day it was released *sobs* ❤


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