7 Things That All Skinny Fat Girls Understand

Well since I’ve already delved relationship withdrawals, I might as well dive into another touchy subject: body image. For beginners, I do not hate my body but like many women, I strive to always improve it even if it means hiding the ketchup chips from myself.

Skinny Fat

What in the world is “skinny fat” anyway? A common oxymoron? Most definitely but in pop culture it refers to a person who has a typical “skinny look” with a high fat percentage and low muscular mass. Yup, took that straight off of urban dictionary and it pretty much sums up my lack of upper body strength. You feel me?

1. Going on the scale is just…

Skinny Fat

The numbers are just too disheartening and if you turn your flab into muscle, those digits increase. It’s better to stay off the scale and let it be.

2. Bathing suits activate alarm bells

Skinny Fat

I look fabulous in clothes but half-naked is a whole different story.

3. Poke us and die

Skinny FatAreas may appear flat but be warned that your finger can get lost in the squishyness.

4. You feel like this a lot

Skinny FatEspecially when bloated.

5. Abstract is a shape right?

Skinny Fat

Am I an hour-glass, inverted triangle? I can’t tell *face palm*, smh, sigh.

6. Double chins

Skinny FatFor your snap chap viewing pleasure.

7. Flat tummy, where art thou?

My stomach is constantly protruding. Accept it, suck it in and carry on hot mama.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’ve struggled with my insecurities for a long time but I’ve also learned how to highlight my strengths! My ultimate goal isn’t to be skinny or fat, it’s to be healthy and lean. Forget the dieting and the juice detoxing, I’m going to work on my body with the old regime of clean eating (with the occasional chocolate cookie) and exercise (with some exempt days). C’mon, I’m only human 😉

slice of cyn,


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