People know BLACKS as the store that sells photo frame thingys and an assortment of flashy cameras. The store space itself had a super serious/old fashioned interior which was kinda intimidating for photographer newbies. Well, BLACKS has said “NO MORE!”. Their revamped stores are now vibrant photography showrooms that make you want to rip pieces off the wall and mount them on your own. Wanna see what I mean?



YOU CAN PRINT ON METAL, METALLLL (looks like a holographic Pokemon card!). How cool is that? I think my mind went into overdrive after I saw the thin gorgeous panels mounted on their walls. Snap a photo and leave the rest to BLACKS because it only takes a couple of hours to present you with a take home piece of art. BAM, last minute gift idea right there.

instagram album, photography

Since the holidays are coming up and gift purchasing is always a pain in the ass, keep it simple this year. Develop a photo book to compile your favourite moments with family, a SO, or secret selfie collection to gift yourself you vain human. Not judging.




Insane for Instagram? BLACKS knows how addicted our generation is to the 4×4. Print out your pictures instantly from this Fujifilm wireless device SHARE SP-1. There are tons of DIY projects for your Instax photos and I’ve got one for you soon! You can also create a custom phone case for only $15 and you know that’s a good deal when it’s cheaper than an Asian place. Best of all, Blacks is proudly Canadian 🙂



I completely forgot to take photos of myself in the store or with the awesome store manager so I drew a little picture on his business card. Thanks for showing me around! I’ll be back *Terminator voice*!

slice of cyn,


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