Weekly Recap – Chop it Off

What a week. I got stranded downtown trying to find a building with no visible address because it’s that secretive, took a few inches taken off my mane and started driving school (yah I know, late bloomer). I’m looking forward to creating videos and I won’t be slowing down anytime soon! Here we go!

excel, stacy london, slice of cyn

Stacy London

What time is it? Selfie time with Stacy London! I was at the super secretive Soho House in Toronto for a brunch held by Excel where I feasted on uno chocolate croissant and gum. You can look at more pretty pictures here. I can honestly say London is the most badass lady I’ve met in the industry.



Yup, I bid my hair farewell and the styling is slowly killing me. I’ve never had this much blow drying done to my hair in…ever. I’ll miss the primping not gonna lie. Here’s the complete cut here.

Stage Dive

Ugh. Some people watch shows and couch binge but my problem lies within books. My eyes don’t rest if I’m engrossed in a good series. Forget productivity, I look forward to the daily commute on the subway because I can read in peace with a stupid grin on my face. If you liked the 50 Shades series, the Stage Dive is a much juicier read because there’s actually a developing plot line. Ready to Lick, Play, Lead and go Deep? 

slice of cyn, pink cat, halloween

slice of cyn, pink cat, anime girl, halloween

Halloween Pink

Did you have a happy Halloween?! Not only is it the best holiday because we get walk around in public as anything and binge on chocolate but it also SNOWED (woot woot Mother Nature). Forget that I clawed my way home in a mini-blizzard, I was just relishing the fact that I had pink hair for a night. Crazy how a little hot pink goes a long way and how three different camera settings can create different looks. It was a glorious night with my Snow White, Cop, and Witch gal pals.

We’re screwed this winter,

slice of cyn,


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