I Got a David Bowie

David Bowie Haircut

David Bowie Haircut, slice of cyn

What the heck does that mean? It means I got a haircut inspired by him and it’s all sorts of cHoPpY. I’m the type of gal who never runs a comb through her hair in fear of losing a kajillion strands because I shed like a wild animal. Dealing with layers suck but I became a hair model anyway.

David Bowie Haircut, slice of cyn

The inspiration board my stylist showed me was enough to make my heart thump. Goodbye beautiful semi-long hair that took me months to grow and welcome hair evolution. The talented people at AVEDA were happy to chop away my heavy hair and give it some super volume.

David Bowie Haircut

Aw man, my hair deflated on me as soon as I left the salon doors. I arrived at my friend’s place with dishevelled sex hair but not in a good seductive way (she said I looked like a male anime character). I made her snap some photos anyway.

slice of cyn

David Bowie Haircut, slice of cyn

David Bowie Haircut, slice of cyn

Dealing with my new layered hair:

1. Get acquainted with your straightener. 

David Bowie Haircut

No, nooooooooo. I hate running extreme heat through my hair and always have it on the lowest heat setting which if we’re being honest, doesn’t do shit.

2. Stock up on bobby pins.

If you’re read this far, you’re already aware that I am the the biggest hair noob in history. I once got my hair styled in perfect beach waves and I didn’t wash it out for three days until my friend called me out. No shame people, those Sally Hershberger products work wonders.

With layers, sleek ponytails are basically like unicorns as in they simply don’t exist. Bobby pins are your best friends while your hair grows out. Stock up because we all know how easy they are to lose.

3. H-a-t-s

Oh, my favourite friends in all shapes and sizes. Beanies, caps, floppy things, snapbacks, berets, those pom pom knit ones, and a donkey hat from a friend who loves to laugh at me. Seems I’ve caught them all (Pokémon reference) and they seriously do me great favours. Plop one on, give it a good tweak and you’re good to go no matter how bad the bed head.

4. Don’t leave the house.

I know, I know, this is an extreme measure but everyone has days where you feel like utter poo and don’t want to see anyone. Hair is important for self-confidence! Just make sure ya don’t wander into hermit territory.

5. Enjoy it.

David Bowie Haircut

This is probably the simplest solution to your hair worries. If you’re unsure of the cut and feel uncomfortable, remember there’s nothing some eyeliner and a smile can’t fix. Hair grows back, the weird shrug you’ve had with your new hair cut comes around only once. Relish it.

Show me your cut!

slice of cyn,


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