Weekly Recap – All the Pretty Things

SO MUCH FA-SHUN and disaster this past week. Yes, it’s definitely been a huge run here, fast walk there all whilst starving and carrying eye bags so heavy it’s appalling. Nonetheless, I’ve been extremely satisfied with the outcome and lucky to experience what I did. Let’s recap via visuals because pictures are pretty 🙂

slice of cyn, tanya heath,

slice of cyn, tanya heath,Went to shoe heaven right in Yorkville. Tanya Heath is a fabulously chic designer who has created interchangeable heels. You can go from stiletto high to a lower chunky heel with one solid metal click. Yes, every woman’s dream. Go here for more info!

mnyselfie, slice of cyn, wmcfw

WMCFW, slice of cyn, caitlin powerWMCFW of course! Runway and studio looks here and here because I wouldn’t do it justice covering it into a weekly recap. The second photo is from Caitlin Power’s collection, sleek and strong feminine lines.

Week Recap Black Bean Brownie, black bean brownie, slice of cynMilestone people. Baked some super healthy black bean brownies. When I say baked, I mean almost had a meltdown in the middle of my kitchen floor and whipping my blender out the window. Still a milestone but I’m going to leave baking to the pros for the future. Oh, they were only kinda tasty. Sigh.

Week Recap Hair, slice of cynOk, this is probably the most exciting thing that I will reveal next week. My lovely friend at AVEDA has persuaded me to be her hair model (I’m still unsure how I feel about my decision). The funniest part is I ran all the way to a studio show with a half finished hair cut, a makeup free face and sneakers. This has inspired me to write a post about getting fashionable ready with zero supplies. Will link later!

What’s ma hair look like now? Choppy is all I will say, you’ll have to come back for the final look. Next week: photoshoot, chat with Stacy London (oh-me-gah), and outrageous snaps from my new camera! Stay tuned?

slice of cyn,


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