Style Bargains: Chic Hagrid Cloak

Style Bargain: HagridHope ya’ll had an amazing week and revived your ailing, stressed riddled bodies (I definitely needed to break out a sweat). I’ve been trying to boost my energy levels with some chocolate and clementines; does wonders. Well, I’m excited to write my first Style Bargains post. It’s dedicated to the lot of you who have asked me what I’ve picked up from thrift stores or outlets to create the closet I have. Hope you like!

Style Bargain: Hagrid

For those who don’t know me, I loathe dropping a ton of money on clothes/bags/shoes unless completely necessary which is rare because an alternative is always out there somewhere. I’m more of a tech chick where it’s justifiable to spend over one grand on a laptop or fancy schmancy camera.

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When I purchased this long grey coat from London Ontario’s version of Value Village, my friend made fun of my weird outlandish find. She nicknamed it “the ugly carpet” (this coming from a girl who bought a full length pilgrims-gone-wild-leather skirt to use as fabric). But similar to my other style finds, I had already imagined myself wearing it on a few difference occasions. I envisioned draping it over a short cocktail dress for a chilly night out or snuggling into it while curled up on my couch.

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Yes, I imagined all this within the first three seconds of seeing it in the throngs of clumpy clothing at Talize. It’s part of a rule I have before purchasing something. The best part of this buy was that the darn heavy thing cost me only $7.99!

Style Bargain: Hagrid

Funnily enough, when I went to IKEA on a table-shopping date, there was a carpet made from the exact same material as my cloak. Haha, cool. It’s one of those pieces you either love or hate and I for one lavvvvv it. How ‘bout you?

slice of cyn,


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