How To Survive A Month in Seoul

After fending for myself for a month in Korea, I thought I would share some of my new found wisdom. Seoul is definitely a place where you can experience a lot of fun but also get lost in the crowd because there’s a ton going on. Strap on your backpack and let’s get down to the basics of Korea:

Open your eyes

Art will stare you back in the face at every corner. The subway stations are decorated with whimsical paintings, murals and sculptures. Even the sidewalks are not your average slab of concrete. This was one of the things I miss the most about Seoul.

seoul, survive korea, art, korean art, subway art


hongdae, seoul, trick eye, korea, south koreaI watched a play at the National Theatre about sexually aroused totem poles. Um say what? Yes, that’s correct, the actors would rub against one another on stage while hopping up and down. Although I was dumbfounded, I laughed throughout the entire two hours. Don’t miss out on Korean theatre!

Subway lines

You will get lost. It is inevitable and can make a fun journey. Transit Toronto has nothing on Seoul. We have two and a half lines while there are 9 lines in Korea that can take you where ever you need to go. Download the transit app and start learning how to read signs because you’ll definitely need to keep track of platforms.

korea subway, subway map, seoul

korea, subway, seoulMe and my babe riding the subway together. Don’t be surprised if people push and prod and don’t apologize, it’s part of the commute. There are seats designated for seniors so don’t sit in them! You might get really dirty looks.

korea, hiking, friends, seoul, south korea, koreans

korea, crazy man, subway, seoulYou might encounter something like this on the subway. The elderly in Korea are a kajillion times more fit than any youngster. It’s all the hiking and park exercising.

Forget water, you only need “Happy Water”

That’s what it says on the bottle of soju. What is soju? It basically tastes like watered down vodka that is taken as a straight shot or mixed with beer. Korea is addicted to this stuff, you can grab it at any 7-Eleven or supermarket for only $1. That’s cheaper than water…

soju, korean alcohol, what is soju, alcohol, cheap

drinking, korea, seoul, makguli bar, drinking

korean, makguli, korea, seoul, drinking, cultureDrinking and eating is huge here (especially chicken and beer = chi’mek). You’ll find cool drinks everywhere and available at any time!

Eat weird things

Hit up a fish market to order live octopus sashimi or cold noodles topped off with raw beef!!! Don’t be freaked out, it tastes delicious and there’s no harm at all in trying something new. There’s also delivery available 24/7. Total score!

korea, seoul, south korea, raw beef

busan, fish market, korea, south korea

korea, dick ice cream, seoul, south korea

Sleep is for the weak

Busy, bustling streets 24/7 and clubs banging on until 7am in the morning. This is the hip night life all the youngsters have perfected. Pop out of the club at 3am and grab a chicken kebob or greasy pizza slice before heading back in to dance your brains numb. Nothing closes.

korea streets, streets on korea, south korea, asia, street life, night lifeAlso please note that a club is very different from a night club. A night club is solely for meeting other singles and hooking up while the club is your typical familiar dance zone.

clubbing, dance scene, korea, seoul, south korea

History about the culture

Koreans are very respectful to elders and have areas dedicated to their countries traditional customs. Traditional tea houses, hanboks for picture taking in photo shops and art performances in the streets.

korea, seoul, dolls, south korea

Be sure to visit Ssamziegil! It’s filled with amazing unique shops that sell one of a kind trinkets and personalized souvenirs. More about it soon!

hanbok, korea, korean, traditional costume,

BRB while I dream of #seouldays,



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