Weekly Recap – Bring the Dark Circles Out

I used to love having a calendar stocked up with events because I can get extremely restless. These days, I want nothing more than a day off to tangle my blanket around my body and get absorbed into a great novel (this week’s reads are down below!). Thank goodness for the weekend because I ploughed through all my readings and feasted on momma’s home cookin’. Let’s shuffle through the last week in pictures!

Week RecapIt’s been a while since I hit up Second Cup but the setting sun and takeout box of chicken udon made us sit outside on the patio chairs brainstorming why you it’s good to experience a heart broken into a million pieces. Our thoughts here.

cute nails, pretty nails, french manicure,  slice of cynHung out with my new nails and dirtied up my white converse. This was while catching up with my brother. I made him take this snap and he was not amused haha too bad, I took him to a Simple Plan concert.

Week RecapI shot my first LOOKBOOK! Wah voom. Well actually I edited my first lookbook for work (content development) and it was kinda not fun to cut shaky footage that made me nauseous…affects of having motion sickness.

rainbow rowell, fan girl, review, books, greatIf you’re down to fall in love with a fictional character, read these sweet stories! Then kick yourself for fantasizing about a made up person 😦 Rainbow Rowell has an incredible way of creating unclichéd love stories that touch even the coldest of hearts versus making you roll your eyes to the top of your head.

Happy Monday er’body!



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