Bubbliest Chicks on The Block in #MBMJ


Marc by Marc Jacobs. Hudson’s Bay at Queen Street. Beckerman Sisters. Yes, either you were there bumping elbows with me beside the DJ station or you had no idea the event was even happening. Truth is, it won’t matter because here are some of the best highlights!


MBMJ, Beckerman

Showstopper final piece that made us all whip out our iPhones. The rest of the collection was inspired by Japanese animations for a youthful look while this last outfit seemed out of the blue. It made us forget the iffy moonwalk sneakers and baggy pants.

Watching these sisters sweep through the room for a chatterfest after delivering a presentation showed me how professional and composed they were. It got me to thinking how I would get through a really long day:

1. Fluids

Tea, coffee, water, sparkling water, Red Bull, OJ, take your pick but do what you need to do to stay hydrated. The amazing Beckerman ladies had water on hand to keep themselves perked up and lively when outlining each piece in the MBMJ line. You go ladies.

2. Lippy Balm

Because you’ll be sending megawatt smiles throughout the room, make sure your lips aren’t dry and chapping. Everyone knows that nagging sick feeling when your skin is peeling and you can’t do anything about it because no one has lotion. Keep your skin happy and you’ll be happy, yes yes.

3. Think happy thoughts only

If your bed is the only thing you feel truly happy thinking about that day, keep that mental image locked in your head. Get away from anyone whose aura is bringing you down. Sounds vague but you’ll be able to tell who is

4. Say a little prayer

Even if you aren’t religious like I am, a little help from the outer stars goes a long way. If none of the above has worked out so well, we all become believers don’t we?

5. Me time mantra

Repeat after me over and over: “I am capable, I am strong, hear me roar.” It’s important to find a space to get away from all the people, the hairspray and cameras to refresh and rejuvenate. Give yourself a pep talk and walk out of there a bit more energetic. Optional little roar at the end.




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